Viber Backup

Viber lets you create a backup of your user data, so that if you have to delete an account, or if something happens to your computer, your message history is saved and not lost, in case if it contains something really important.

  • To create a backup, go to 'More options' > 'Settings' > 'Calls and messages' >'Email message history'.

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Viber | Create a backup file of your messages

If you would like to create a backup file for your messages, you can do so easily by following the steps below.* Open Viber; Select More options; Select Settings;

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Rating: 4/5 · 9 ratingsViber offers a native method to backup messages via emailing them to yourself in zipped CSV files. This method is unintuitive, does not include attached photos and ...

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Backup Text for Viber allows you to export your Viber messages, convert to Plain Text, CSV, Excel and HTML file formats and yes, those files can be read in your …

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Hi, This is a member of the Viber R&D team. Our new 2.2 version , to be released in few days will have a new feature that will allow you to save/backup Viber messages.

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