Viber Call History

Viber saves your call history. This function can be very useful to those users who need to access their communications log and manage, edit or delete entries in their own history for various reasons.

  • To access Viber call history, go to 'Calls'.
  • Alternatively, open your Viber account in a browser and go to 'Call History'.

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How to print viber call history? - Ask Me Fast

I want to print out my viber call history for visa purpose how can i print my viber call history.

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Many Viber users choose to save their messaging history for different reasons. Maybe you want to save that special message your girlfriend sent you for Valentine’s Day.

Viber | How do I access my call history?

Accessing your Viber call history: Your Viber call history can be found in the Calls tab. You can delete entries in the history log from this tab.

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Since Viber currently doesn't offer backup and restore functionality, I resorted to using Titanium Backup for transferring message history to a new phone.

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